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Cabot x Benson

ficlet based on this post and following this post, part 3 of four

Alex could feel Olivia’s moan reverberate through her core.  One of Olivia’s hands found it’s way into her hair, the other rested on her hip.  Alex’s hands roamed over shapely curves, down and back up again, fingering the zipper of her dress.


The sound of her zipper being pulled brought Olivia out of the haze of the kiss.  If the chill cascading down her back was any indication, just the notion of being touched by Alex Cabot was enough to make her crazy.  Her dress was off her shoulders, sliding down and reaching the floor in no time.

Fuck.  Alex stepped back, just to look, just to see, this woman, “You are exquisite.”  She was proud that she could manage a sentence when she could barely wrap her head around Olivia standing there in next to nothing.

Olivia’s fingers nimbly untucked and unbuttoned Alex’s shirt.  Meanwhile, Alex unbuttoned her own pants.  Her desperation to be naked and to finally feel Olivia’s skin on her own.  Before long she got her wish, lying with Olivia underneath her, their skin touching.  Olivia is almost unbearably soft – Alex can’t handle it.  Alex’s lips slid across the expanse of Olivia’s throat, nipping softly as she moved along.  Olivia moaned and the sound – even the noises she makes keeps Alex yearning.

Olivia trembled as Alex worked her way down her front, her pouty lips surrounding a pert nipple leaving it with a resounding pop.  She had to admit that maybe she did have a thing for Alex – maybe they’d always had a thing.  But this felt right.  It felt right to have Alex’s lips on her, her blunt fingernails inching along her sides.

“Liv.”  She spoke up, those blue eyes sparkling at Olivia.  Like Olivia meant the world and more.


Didn’t she know?  Didn’t she know she never had to ask or beg or plead?  Alex would willingly and happily give Olivia anything she wanted.  That revelation was enough to scare Alex sometimes – that she’d so willingly give herself to Olivia and expect nothing at all in return.

She dipped her head between soft thighs, kissing them softly before nuzzling the soft stripe of hair.  Her scent – God, her scent.  Alex knew it - she knew there would be no coming back now. 

Her tongue finally met her and stars exploded behind Olivia’s closed eyelids.  Her tongue laved over clit, gently at first, applying light pressure as she worshipped her.  The tingle started in her lower abdomen immediately as she clutched Alex to her.  There was a part of her who still couldn’t believe it.  Alex Cabot was between her knees.  The Alexandra Cabot was going down on her, making her feel things she’d never felt before.

And Alex was enjoying it.

That was what brought Olivia to the edge – the idea that Alex was getting something from pleasing her.

“Oh God, Alex…”

Her name.  The sound of her name coming from this woman’s lips as she came for her – because of her – was enough to make her clench in sympathy.

Alex crawled over Olivia, hovering and kissing her with slickened lips.

“Thank you.”  Alex whispered, so soft Olivia could barely hear it.

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